Restorative Dentistry


Latest Techniques


Rediscover your smile with Hermitage Dental. We use the latest in restorative dentistry techniques, designed to improve the appearance of your natural teeth.
Our qualified and highly skilled team can diagnose, plan and restore your teeth to their original functionality and appearance. With restorative dental services your teeth will look and function as they once did, which can also assist in an overall rejuvenated and more youthful look for your whole mouth and smile.
Restorative Dentistry — Hermitage Dental in Port Macquarie, NSW

Smile with confidence


The mental and emotional aspects of having problems with your teeth are rarely spoken about but are as important as any physical pain. Imperfections in your teeth and smile can lead to a lack of self-confidence. Those problems can be a thing of the past, we can help to restore your smile and renew your self-confidence.

Smiling patient — Hermitage Dental in Port Macquarie, NSW

Restorative dentistry


At Hermitage Dental, our restorative dental treatments include general dental services such as decay removal and fillings. We use a range of filling materials to suit the individual tooth and patient. Composite fillings can perfectly match the colour of your existing teeth, ensuring they are invisible when you smile or laugh. Our dental team canremove stubborn stains, repair fractured and chipped teeth, and replace lost teeth. However, more extensive reconstruction work may sometimes be required.
Dental check-up — Hermitage Dental in Port Macquarie, NSW

Dental implants


Losing a tooth can be devastating. It impacts the way you look, and it may cause a range of other changes, including altered speech and change in dietary habits due to an inability to eat certain foods, incapability of the teeth to perform natural functions, placing strain on remaining teeth, and also weakening the jaw bone.
At Hermitage Dental, we offer affordable solutions to replace your missing teeth. We can improve your appearance and speech as well as make it more comfortable for you to chew food naturally.
Implants are small titanium posts strategically placed into your jawline to protect any prosthetic teeth. Implants are also beneficial for the natural teeth surrounding your crown or dentures as they provide stability through the entire area.
Dental Implant — Hermitage Dental in Port Macquarie, NSW

Dental crown & bridge work


Our dental crown and bridge work can provide the ideal solution for damaged or missing teeth. We can replace your chipped, broken or missing teeth. These services are incredibly versatile, useful for a range of dental issues and beneficial for strengthening teeth that have been significantly restored.
If you are looking for the perfect smile, you have come to the right place, the skilled team at Hermitage Dental will take care of your teeth.
Dental Crown — Hermitage Dental in Port Macquarie, NSW